It’s with great thought and consideration that we re-open Cosmos St Lucia in November 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re thankful to our guests, our community, our employees, and all essential workers.

St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean have suffered little relative to other areas hard hit by Covid-19. It is our duty to do our utmost to protect the island’s population from Covid-19, and we ask our guests to be diligent in their efforts to comply with all guidelines.

COVID 19 Certified Logo

Cosmos St Lucia was certified by the St Lucia Ministry of Tourism at the launch of Phase 2 in November 2020.  Cosmos is currently licensed to operate by the the St Lucia Board of Health and the Fire Prevention Department. Please read the following information and guidelines carefully, as well as the Liability Waiver set forth by the Villa Rental Association of St Lucia and approved by the St Lucia Government. All guests will be required to sign this form on arrival.

General guidelines:

  • Guests must meet all requirements specified by the St Lucia Tourism Authority prior to arrival and must adhere to the Government’s visitor guidelines whilst in St Lucia
  • Staff and guests are requested to maintain social distancing at all times
  • In-person contact between management and guests should be kept to a minimum. Use of cell phones, email and messaging is preferable.
  • Guests are required to wear face masks in transit and on arrival at Cosmos St Lucia
  • Upon arrival and departure, Cosmos house manager will perform infrared non-contact temperature checks on all guests
  • All luggage will be transferred to a designated area for sanitising and transfer to guest rooms
  • Hand washing and sanitising facilities are available and should be used on arrival and frequently throughout you stay
  • All Cosmos staff have valid up-to-date health certificates and are temperature scanned daily on arrival by the manager
  • Staff are trained in enhanced cleaning, sanitising and food handling protocol and are equipped with personal protective equipment to include aprons, face masks, gloves and sanitised attire
  • Food service is buffet-style to minimise proximity of staff to guests
  • Housekeeping schedule to be advised by manager. Please indicate if you prefer that the housekeeper does not enter your room. Linen will be changed on request only.
  • Any guest displaying high temperature or Covid-19 symptoms will be escorted to an isolation area on the property whilst awaiting medical attention and transfer to the nearest Respiratory Clinic

Thank you for your support of this protocol to maintain safety and wellbeing.