Sustainable Luxury

We define sustainable luxury as creating a magical experience while minimising the footprint on the beautiful island of St Lucia. Our approach to delivering sustainable luxury is at the heart of everything we do. From the villa infrastructure and day to day management, to the short and long term impacts within the community, landscape and local economy. This is vital to ensure our vision for Cosmos, and your vacation experience, can be sustained. Welcome to eco luxury, Cosmos style.

A mindful approach

The majority of the villa’s electricity is powered by solar energy thanks to solar panels on the roof. We encourage mindful use of electricity; living areas have ceiling fans only, and as Cosmos is positioned high on the hillside, living spaces are open to the breeze and are not air-conditioned. Air conditioning is available in the villa bedrooms, we encourage guests to use it on very warm nights only. As with all things in life, sustainable luxury is about balancing guests’ expectations with ethos; wireless sound and connectivity is available throughout the villa, and hair dryers are available on request.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Rainwater is harvested and recycled as greywater for use in both the villa and garden. The 48’ infinity pool is purified with a salt water ozone system that relies on ultraviolet light rather than harsh chemicals. And in the villa we discourage the use of single-use plastics and polystyrene, the most common items found in ocean pollution.

Locally sourced food

We prioritise locally sourced fresh food from nearby farms, small producers and the market in Soufrière, supporting our community while lowering food mileage. The fishing industry is vital for the island’s economy, and the Cosmos menu encourages guests to enjoy the catch of the day that fishermen bring to Soufrière market. While in the Cosmos garden, guests can enjoy seasonal harvests of banana, papaya, mango, pineapple, lemongrass, basil and callaloo.

Supporting the local economy

Guests’ visits to Cosmos generate revenue for local people, as well as the owner. From the permanent and part-time villa staff, to specialist tradesman, craftsmen and food producers, on-site spa practitioners and local leisure activity providers, guests can directly support the local economy.

Rewarding guests who carbon offset

When booking flights, we encourage guests to choose an airline with a carbon offsetting programme. For each guest who pays to offset their return flights’ carbon emissions, we will match their contribution with a donation to the Soufrière Foundation, a non-profit established by the people of Soufrière to support and coordinate local development initiatives in the region.

Manifesting universal harmony

Cosmos means universal harmony, it’s a name inspired by the villa’s location, overlooking the UNESCO world heritage site of the Pitons, where mountain, sea and sky meet. But it also reflects our philosophy of living respectfully and honouring both the people and environment that come together to make Cosmos a truly magical experience.