Meet the team

At Cosmos St Lucia, we work together to offer our guests an exceptional experience in an extraordinary location.


Anastasia Alexander purchased the land at Cosmos St Lucia more than twenty years ago.  American born, she first travelled to St Lucia in 1995 and became transfixed with the ethereal view of the ancient volcanic twin peaks, the lush rainforest, abundant marine world and delicious local foods.

A yoga teacher and horticulturalist with a deep appreciation of nature, and a love of bringing people together, Anastasia’s long held dream of living in harmony with the elements was realised in 2017 when Cosmos opened its doors to its first guests.

Anastasia is the first point of contact when making enquiries and bookings.


Shermika Lawrence is the residential manager of Cosmos.  Native to the south of St Lucia, Shermika is the primary point of contact for guests after arrival. Warm and friendly, Shermika puts guests at ease from the moment they arrive.

Having run a restaurant prior to joining Cosmos in 2017, Shermika has excellent hospitality and culinary skills, managing guest stays, outings, meals, and supervising maintenance, staff members and local professionals.

Shermika lives on the property in her own private “treehouse” with her three children, offering round-the-clock support to guests as needed.